5-in-1 RF EMS LED Light Therapy For Skin Tightening

5-in-1 RF EMS LED Light Therapy For Skin Tightening

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The 5-in-1 RF EMS Electroporation LED Light Therapy For Acne Skin Tightening is a facial device that is perfect for daily facial care, skin rejuvenation and toning, wrinkle removal, anti-aging, and skin renewal, removal of pimples and blemishes, reducing pore size and increasing skin elasticity. It helps the skin to absorb skin products efficiently and effectively.

Product Features:

  • Nonporous Mesotherapy: Using a special pulse of light, it directly leads necessary nutrients into the dermal layer of the skin, without needing surgery or more invasive procedures.
  • Electroporation Import: Through special currents, open the gap of the skin cells, making the skincare products' ingredients soak directly into the dermal layer. Increase absorption into the skin by up to 10 times!
  • RF Current: High-frequency electrical resistance heating, effective at improving deep-skin relaxation, smoothing age wrinkles through lymphatic drainage, promoting of blood circulation, and facial sculpting.
  • The Microwave Pulse: Using four levels of conduction and special pulse technology, this device generates gentle micro-waves, sparking beneficial muscle contraction to firm skin and restoring elasticity.
  • LED Phototherapy: LED phototherapy can effectively repair and heal the micro-gaps left behind by mesotherapy, instead using electroporation for ultra-fine skin, shrinking skin pores, and importing a calming, anti-inflammatory effect.

Note: Can be used daily. Rechargeable. Apply skin products before use.