6 Colors Neon Fluorescent Nail Glitter Powder

6 Colors Neon Fluorescent Nail Glitter Powder

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Glitter your style and make your nails the most eye-catching even in the darkest nights.

This luminous pigment Nail Glitter will make your nails stand out from the common, it extraordinarily highlights them even in total obscurity.

Nail powder with specific crystal pigment that will make your nails emit amazing lights.

 Glow in the dark and make your nails noticeable with Neon powder!

This fluorescent glitter makes your nails luminous in the dark, it is Long lasting nail art for acrylic nails gel nails, and natural ones.


You can achieve unique fashion nails with neon powder!

To get the best fluorescence, apply the neon powder as a top coat to UV gel and cure it under UV Light for 2 minutes. It will look super sleeky and smooth and will produce better glowing.
It has a very strong luminous ability and it creates beautiful nails for long-lasting sparkle art design


Features & Benefits:

  • Multifunctional, suitable for slimes, nails, epoxy resins, paintings, fine arts, crafts, signs, and DIY. Perfect for eye-catching decorations!
  • Easy To Use.
  • Non-toxic and non-radioactive. Safe for you and the environment.