Flashes IPL Laser Hair Removal LCD Display

Flashes IPL Laser Hair Removal LCD Display

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Silky smooth skin is not a “one size fits all”. ​We understand that each person is different, and we believe​ that everyone has the right to effective, affordable hair removal methods. ​Therefore, introducing​ the 999,999 Flashes IPL, the perfect addition to your skincare routine.

With the 999,999 Flashes IPL Laser Hair Removal with LCD Display​, you can take your first steps to smooth and silky, hair-free skin!


✔ Instant Hair Removal ​
- targets hair growth at the root, ensuring you remove the full hair, unlike many other brands which only remove a quarter or a half.

✔ Painless and Effective​ - A powerful device that works great without you batting an eye! Utilise up to 999,999 flashes to get the skin treatment you deserve!

Easy To Use - Remove hair comfortably for a stress-free at-home treatment!

✔ ​Ergonomic Design​ - Our IPL device fit’s your hand like a glove! This ensures maximal manoeuvrability around your skin and allows for more precise results!

Rechargeable and Portable - Pack and bring it with you anywhere you go!

It’s effective, it’s efficient, and most importantly, it really works! Unlike all the other ‘groundbreaking hair removal’ methods that just lead to even more growth, this IPL device operates on a ‘use once, enjoy forever’ basis, meaning that you'll see reduced hair growth from the very first use!

Take your first steps towards smoother, simpler skin and order today!

Note: Not suitable for some skin tones and some hair colours.