Back and Lumbar Support Chair

Back and Lumbar Support Chair

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Ergonomic Back Support Chair, Lumbar Support for Back Posture Corrector and Low Back Pain Relief, Perfect for Home Office Desk Chair



1. How it works:By leverage, your body weight naturally pushes your lower back to correct posture, it constantly makes your body tilt forward and sit up straight.

2. Features: Ergo double backrest provides elastic back and lumbar support, removable high-density foam cushion provides comfort, non-slip stopper at the bottom, large ventilation holes.

3. Use anywhere: easy to use, put it on office chairs, gaming chairs, driving car seats, beds, sofas, floors, school chairs, desk chairs, computer chairs, stadium bleachers, etc.

4. Sturdy and durable; our chairs are built to last! The abrasion-resistant material can withstand up to 800 pounds of pressure without breaking. In addition, the elasticity provides strong and flexible support.


Material: PP
Size: 36x33x32cm
Color: Blue, Green, Pink 

Packing list:

1x sitting posture correction chair


Lumbar Cushion Sitting Chair Lower Back Support Lumbar Back Posture Corrector Low Back Pain Relief for Home Office Desk Chair