Donut Pillow

Donut Pillow

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Reduce Pain From Sitting Caused By A Sore Tailbone or Hemorrhoids With Our Donut Pillow Designed For Men!

Experiencing serious discomfort from a tailbone injury or hemorrhoids? Sitting in itself can be a real chore when you’re suffering from an outbreak.

If you want relief, try our physical therapist-endorsed Donut Pillow today!

Perfect for those experiencing sitting discomfort from Hemorrhoids, Coccyx, Bedsores, Post-Partum, Tailbone Pain, or even bad posture, our pillow will help.

Transform Any Chair Into The World's Most Comfortable Seat With Our Orthopedic Posture Correction Cushion!



Sitting for great amounts of time, especially with an unsupported pelvis, can cause tons of discomfort. It may result in lower back pain, fatigue, improper sitting posture, and even poor blood circulation.

This is why it is always important to ensure that we use chairs or other sitting paraphernalia, that will keep us comfortable and supported all the time. This is where our Orthopedic Cushion comes in.

Suitable for various problems ranging from back pain, arthritis, lower back pain, lumbar pain, tailbone pain, coccyx pain, prostate, spine and hemorrhoid pain.


Our cushion balances the pelvis and relieves pressure on the tailbone, hips, and spine. It can turn any chair into an ergonomic, posture correcting, and pain-relieving seats, keeping you pain free and comfortable the entire day.



U-Shaped Ergonomic Design

For All Types Of Back And Hip Pains


Improve Bad Posture

Solution Of Pregnancy & Post-Surgery Pains


Suitable For Use At The Office, In The Car, Etc.

Super Comfortable Non Slip



Material: Memory Foam, Memory Cotton Granules
Color: Brown, Green, Pink, Blue, Purple, Light Pink
Size: 17.7" x 12.2"