Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

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Sonic Vibration Technology To Cleanse, Lift And Tone Your Skin

This specially designed cleansing device is your cleansing routine's new best friend, removing oil, dirt, makeup residue, and dead skin cells and clearing clogged pores, to result in bright, clean and glowing skin.

Designed with a high-grade silicone outer body, for a gentle touch. Ultra-soft, antibacterial bristles are arranged in a gradient pattern for thorough cleansing.

A seamless IPX7 waterproof design covers the whole device, protecting the internal mechanisms and allowing for easy cleaning after use.

Ergonomically designed for your comfort during use. Choose from 4 intensity options to customise your routine for maximum results. Suitable for use on all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Rotating magnetic beads lightly massage the skin, using sonic vibration to deeply cleanse skin and assist skincare products to absorb effectively into the skin.

Sonic cleansing brush


Smart Memory Feature: Automatically selects the last used mode and intensity
Included: Wireless charging dock
Intuitive on/off function
Intensity Options: Four intensity options

  • Light vibration rotating beads
  • Rotating beads
  • Medium vibration rotating beads
  • Strong vibration