Frizy- Handheld Portable Fan

Frizy- Handheld Portable Fan

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Are you tired of always overheating and sweats very easily?

Whether you are shopping/traveling/going to-school Our Frizy Fan can meet all your needs.

Portable and Handheld Pocket-Size easy to be carried, stored in carry bag and keep you cool all day long.

With a unique design, this battery-operated fan can performs as an emergency backup Power Bank to get your phone charged if necessary and keeping you cool at the same time.

But wait, it’s also has a Flashlight function as a bonus just in case you happen to need one.

Soft Blades – With special soft TPE material, the blades are very safe. If you accidentally touch the rotating blades, the soft blades will automatically stop and keep you safe.

Super Long Endurance-(4800mAh)

46 hours at 1 speed

35 hours at 2 speed

13 hours at 3 speed

Pocket Size –

Height: 5.1 inch
Width: 1.65 inch
Weight: 6.4 ounces
It folds up and fits easily into your bag or pocket