Gyro Ball Wrist Strengthener

Gyro Ball Wrist Strengthener

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Build muscle along your entire arm. Not only strengthen your grip, but also your wrist and tendons. Just use it for as little as 3–5 minutes a day!

Ultimate workout tool!

Forget about going to the gym or carrying dumbbells just to train your arms! Easily take it anywhere, throw it in your backpack, or purse, and exercise anywhere you want! It has different colors of LED lights that change depending on the load, which increases the faster you spin. Along with the load, the LED lights change.
It is not only effective but also portable and looks spectacular!

Super easy setup
Put on the safety band, push the center until you feel a strong resistance, and quickly release and start spinning.

You're all set for the workout now!

How does it work?

The device consists of a tennis ball-sized plastic shell around a free-spinning mass, which is started with your thumbs. Increase the resistance of the gyroscope by rotating the device, the faster you spin, the more resistance.

Can this be used for injuries?

Yes! It also doubles as a recovery tool. You can lubricate your joints and ligaments by slowly rotating the ball. This is a great tool to slowly build up strength in the injured wrist/forearm/shoulder.

Does it change colors?

Yes, it changes colors. When the highest level of resistance is reached, the device will flash multiple times. This is a great way to have competition with friends!