Lash Lift & Brow Lift Kit

Lash Lift & Brow Lift Kit

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Lively and beautiful eyes with Lash & Brow Lift kit

With our professional kit, you can permanently lift your eyelashes or lift your eyebrows in a very simple way. The high-quality product is also vegan, not tested on animals, and manufactured for the best results. One kit is enough for about 5 treatments and one treatment lasts between 5 and 8 weeks. 

Eyelashes Long-Lasting Curling for 8-10 weeks
Our eyelash perm is fast, efficient, hygienic, and durable.

Brighter Wide-Eyed Look
Eyelash perming is fast, efficient, hygienic, and durable. Use this kit to create beautiful wavy eyelashes without an eyelash curler. Give your eyes seductive brilliance and fascinatingly beautiful wavy eyelashes! Make your eyes bigger and more beautiful.

Easy to Use
Our product has sequential labels and instructions for use, it’s easy to understand and use.

Safe and High Quality
This Eyelash Perm Kit uses cold ironing technology. No fever, no irritation, and it can also be used on sensitive skin. You can get perfect Barbie Eyelashes without damaging your eyelashes.

Our professional Lash Lift & Brow Lift kit contains

  • Permanent liquid
  • Fixing fluid
  • Nourishing oil
  • Cleanser
  • False lashes glue
  • Lift pads
  • Clean tool


Lash lift before and after: