Lightweight Summer Cool Comforter

Lightweight Summer Cool Comforter

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Are you tired of suffering from extreme heat at night, sweating or even waking up every half hour because you can't sleep?

Try Summer Silk Blanket and discover how deep sleep feels without shedding a single drop of sweat.

A healthy life starts with a good night's sleep, and you deserve it. It creates a slight cooling feeling, which allows the heat to be dissipated more effectively. You no longer need air conditioning or fans that consume a lot of electricity.


  • SUPER BREATHABLE - Made from high-quality silk, the silk cooling blanket is constructed to allow air to flow through freely, avoiding nights that can turn into a nightmare.

  • SKIN FRIENDLY - Soft and comfortable quality for your skin, preventing irritation and sweating on hot nights. The silk cooling blanket is dust mite and moisture repellent and suitable for people with sensitive skin.

  • HEALTHY REST - Bad sleep affects your health. Not only does this cooling blanket help you fall asleep faster, it also reduces your anxiety, risk of stroke, and risk of depression. It will help you sleep peacefully and enjoy a perfect night.

  • PERFECT FOR ALL AGES - Whether newborns, teenagers, adults or the elderly, this blanket will make a perfect, comfortable and safe addition to your home.


  • Material: chemical fiber, polyester

  • Color: green, blue, brown, gray, pink

  • Size: 150*200cm / 180*220cm / 200*230cm

  • Package: 1 * Summer Silk Blanket