Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

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The Nano Steamer is a nano-ion facial steamer that deeply cleanses the skin, removes toxins, nourishes the skin, improves cell viability, and promotes drainage of nose sinuses. It opens and unclogs pores to increase skin cleansing effectiveness by up to 10 times.

The Nano Steamer produces super-fine steam particles that penetrate deep into the skin and replenish natural moisture, leaving your face exceptionally hydrated, soft, and silky-smooth.


1. Penetrate the skin barrier easily.
Nano-ionic steam can penetrate the skin barrier more easily. The gentle, warming temperature of the steamer can unclog pores, and remove dirt, oil, keratin, and leftover makeup while also promoting blood circulation.

2. Promote nutrient absorption for the skin.
It can melt away dead skin cells to help nutrients absorb better into the skin. The symptoms of blackheads, fat granules and acne can be relieved significantly by continued use.

3. Promote collagen regeneration.
The steamer activates the hydrophilic factor and replenishes the moisture in your skin to promote collagen regeneration. It can soften the cuticle, restore smooth,
delicate skin and improve the skin's nutritional absorbency. It can also help in removing metal deposits, lightening pigmented spots, and suppressing acne.

 Deeply Cleans the Skin
 Replenishes Moistures
 Makeup Lasts Longer
✓ Warm & Relaxing Facial Steam Treatment

Please note:

1. Before using the steamer for the first time, please let it run with a full tank of water with a few drops of lemon juice to remove the plastic smell.

2. Only use purified water for steaming. Adding essential oil or any other aromatherapy solution might affect the working life of the steamer.

3. The steam temperature is approximate 104 °F. For safety during use, please keep your face at a distance of 20cm to the Nozzle when steaming.

4. A full tank of water supports steaming for about 8~10 minutes.

Model Number: KD-2332
Rated Voltage: AC 230V
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 280W

Package Content:
1 x Facial Steamer
1 x AU conversion adapter
1 x User Manual
1 x 5Pcs skincare kit