Patient Turning Pad For Elderly People

Patient Turning Pad For Elderly People

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Patients can easily switch pads and mattresses with our Patient Turning Pad For Elderly. In addition to being easy to use, one nursing staff member can easily turn patients over while maintaining air circulation to make the healing environment favorable. In addition to improving the elderly's quality of life, it will reduce the workload on nursing staff and family members.  Also, it helps improve blood circulation while relieving fatigue, swelling, and pain.


Exceptional Design:
This U-shaped pad is more comfortable for leg patients. It prevents bed sores, aids in bed exercise, and prevents muscle atrophy.

Providing excellent aid to caregivers:
We've developed a pillow that simplifies the process of turning patients on a regular basis, and it's also useful for changing the pads and mattresses of patients.

Premium quality: 
PU leather is an eco-friendly and anti-allergic material that does not deform over time, preventing elderly leg injuries.

Using it is easy: 
Using the Turn Over Pillow is simple and requires little effort. It will relieve caregivers and families of the burden of turning a patient over.


Wide Range of Applications: While resting, you can raise your legs to provide comfortable support. High leg wedges can help to relieve pain and pressure on the knees, hips, and lower back. It can also improve blood circulation while relieving swelling, pain, and fatigue.


  • Material: PU
  • Size: 48  X 40 cm