Rice Water Shampoo Bar

Rice Water Shampoo Bar

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If you’re searching for a fast hair growth , this is the solution!


Week 1:

Let me start by saying I have used many different shampoos over the years - salon quality etc. I have a dilemma with my hair fall for years now. I was so desperate and find a last solution before getting a bald.  I have read a lot about the benefits of fermented rice water so  I wanted to try this out for myself as I’ve seen positive reviews and natural ingredients as I researched. With that said, I’ll give this a 3 weeks treatment and will go on if it works.
                                                             Week 2:

"As I used it the product is natural and feels great on my hair, I have just started using these products but honestly, so far so good, I cannot recommend them enough as my hair is gradually and normally regrowing now!
                                                             Week 3:
“A lifesaver! I cannot thank you enough. This saves my confidence and not to mention, makes a very easy to travel design. Simply lovely and fresh to use. My hair is silky and smooth and feels incredibly healthy. ”

What makes the Rice Shampoo Bar special:
-Extracts with natural ingredients for all scalp types

-Tested and passed to redeem hair regrowth
- Restores shine And volume on the hair
-Makes a salon-quality composed shampoo and conditioning


“I’ve been a hairstylist for 33 years and this is hands-down the best I’ve ever used!! My hair is SO soft after! You have to rub the conditioning bar directly on your head to use it. I just can’t get over how much I love this stuff!!” – Yna H.

“Takes up less space in the shower and works great. Smells great. My hair smells and feels fantastic. I can say it's better than my original shampoo!” – Sara A.

“Loved this product! Firstly, it smells incredible - fresh and invigorating. It’s very easy to use, lathers up immediately and easy to apply. My hair was super soft after use, let it dry naturally like I usually do and it was moisturized and smooth.”  - Reeanie P.

“So overall the shampoo goes on nicely! Restored my falling hair and leaves out dandruff, flakes and oil!” – Ardeliz S.

“It took me years to find these bars, but they are perfect for my thin (now thick-ish fine hair) I am stocking up on this fabulous product, and enthusiastically recommend it to others.” – Celean W.


• Natural Fast Hair Growing Benefits
Easily restores the natural beauty of hair with daily life 3 weeks of treatment!
• Gives Anti-Hair Fall Treatment
Will fertilize your hair and scalp to calm and produce a natural and effective way, giving an anti-hair fall treatment.
• Hydrates Scalp for Rejuvenated Effect
Makes formulated natural compounds that can increase the volume, shine, and strength of hair regrowth!


• Compatibility: All skin types, All hair colors 


• 1 PC/ 2PCS/ 3PCS/ x Rice Shampoo Bar