Sensory Swing for Kids, Therapy Swing Toy Set, Indoor Hammock

Sensory Swing for Kids, Therapy Swing Toy Set, Indoor Hammock

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Introducing the Children’s Sensory Swing, the perfect way for little ones to relax and get their bearings!

 Our updated hammock design provides a hug-like effect for loved ones, offering a comforting and therapeutic experience.

With the extra sensory input, your children will be able to spend hours in this womb-like swing, safely cocooned away from any unwanted external stimulation.

Measuring 110"L x 39"W, plenty of room lets them sit or lie down comfortably as they are moved and cradled just like when they were in the womb!

This therapy swing is made with soft and silky nylon for extra comfortability.

The gentle pressure it gives all over is ideal for those with sensory processing disorder or on the autism spectrum, helping them learn valuable body awareness and balance skills through movement.

Designed specifically with growing minds in mind, give your little one hour of fun while helping them develop important motor planning spatial skills.

Plus, parents can benefit too, knowing that their loved ones are always in great hands while they’re using our swing!

So why wait? Invest in something special: the Children’s Sensory Swing.