Snap On Dental Veneers

Snap On Dental Veneers

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Fix your smile at home in minutes.

Simple installation instructions.

Super comfortable comfort Fit!

Ultra-thin flexible technology minimizes speech disruption.

Natural bright color does not stain

Designed for an upper and lower layer of teeth. Micro-thin polypropylene veneer

adult universal

size: about 7.0 * 2.0cm

Color as pictures shown


1. Put your veneer in a cup of hot (almost boiling) water for 1 minute. This will make them clean

2. Use the mirror, fix it firmly, hold your veneer close to your teeth, gently press the veneer with your thumb, and gently press the impression material behind the real teeth with your thumb. After 3.30 seconds, gently loosen the veneer in the mouth, then cool with a cup of cold water. After hardening, it will turn white.

Note: This product is a plastic product, suitable for maintenance and strengthening of teeth and stage performances.