Teeth cleaning kit Plantila

Teeth cleaning kit Plantila

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Our teeth cleaning kit successfully removes dental plaque, tartar, and tooth discoloration. To efficiently reach those hard areas and corners, use high-frequency vibration technology. This dental scaler employs high-frequency sound waves (22,000 times per minute) to polish your teeth and freshen your breath, making it a must-have tool for oral hygiene.

The electric teeth cleaning kit only works on teeth or hard things and stops vibrating when it comes into contact with gums or soft skins, which will not only help you prevent toothache and gum infection but will also benefit your gums. The five-speed mood is appropriate for various dental problems and satisfies the demands of various groups of individuals. Switching modes is as simple and quick as pressing a single key.

To satisfy your various demands, this tartar remover offers 5 operating modes for diverse gum sensitivity. And the dental calculus remover comes with two replacement heads: a pointed head for cleaning small stains in the gums and a flat head for cleaning large tartar on the teeth surface. It effectively removes dental plaque, dental calculus, yellow teeth, bad breath, and tobacco stains, and helps to improve oral health.

This tartar scraper cleaner is powered by USB, and you can charge it with a power bank, PC, or phone charging, making it easy to recharge at any time. The LED light and dental mouth mirror assure your safety while cleaning your teeth and make it easier to locate and eliminate filth in your teeth. For everyday teeth cleaning, three interchangeable toothbrush heads are available.

Teeth cleaning kit to remove tartar, tea stains, and smoke stains, two high-quality medical-grade alloy steel replacement heads may be utilized. The teeth cleaning kit has a USB universal interface that may be connected to mobile power, laptops, and many other digital goods for charging, long-lasting battery life, and convenience of use at any time and from any location.

  • Multiple accessories
  • Significant effect
  • Effective cleaning
  • USB charging & led light
  • 5 modes & 2 replacement heads
  • Safe & protect your gums
  • High-frequency vibration
  • Battery: lithium battery
  • Rated current: 200ma
  • Power adapter: 5v
  • Vibration frequency: 22000 times/min
  • Charging time: about 2h
  • Waterproof rating: ipx6
  • Size: 21.5*2.5*2.5cm
  • Weight: 0.19kg