Wearable red light therapy device for pain relief

Wearable red light therapy device for pain relief

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Our wearable red light therapy device for pain relief is portable and small, wearable, and rechargeable, they are easy to transport. The convenient band allows you to utilize it whether working or driving. After 30 minutes of use, this gadget will automatically enter standby mode; simply focus on what you're doing while this device takes care of your discomfort in the neck, shoulders, wrists, legs, back, knees, ankles, feet, or any place you experience pain.

This infrared light gadget has two modes (light treatment simply or light therapy Plus vibration), which users may easily switch between by pressing the button. You may change the massage intensity by pushing the vibration button; three different intensities are available to match your demands. The power of a single red light is 8mw, while a single infrared light is 22mw.

Each therapy light bulb has a total of ten high-power LEDs. The optimal wavelength for light treatment is 9pcs 660nm deep red LEDs + 1pcs 810nm near-infrared LEDs. Because infrared light is undetectable to the naked eye, only half of the chips will be lighted when using this lamp. This infrared light therapy device can be used not only on humans but also on your pets.

One press of the button toggles between the infrared light device's two modes (light treatment simply and light therapy+vibration). There are three different vibration intensities available to tailor your massage to your preferences. Nine red 660nm tubes, and one near-infrared 810nm tube (1 tube)

Adopting 660nm infrared red light irradiation and pulse massage, which are painless, non-drug, and have no side effects, the device will relieve pain in the neck, shoulders, wrists, legs, back, knees, ankles, and feet. Inside the package is a USB cable that, when fully charged, may last for days. There is no need for a new battery.
  • Specification:
  • ✔️Wavelength: Red light 660nm(9 tubes),near Infrared light 810nm(1 tube)
  • ✔️Power: 8mw for a single red light, and 22mw for single infrared light
  • ✔️Relative humidity: less than or equal to 80%
  • ✔️Patients with cerebral hemorrhage
  • ✔️Patients with photosensitivity
  • ✔️Pain Relief for the whole body
  • ✔️Improving blood circulation
  • ✔️Atmospheric pressure: 860hpa-1060hpa
  • ✔️Upgraded Red Light Therapy Lamp
  • ✔️Long Duration & Battery Efficient
  • ✔️Ambient temperature: 5C-40℃

  • ✔️User-friendly design
  • ✔️Comfortable temperature
  • ✔️Warmth anywhere
  • ✔️Easy to carry and maintain
  • ✔️1000mAh lithium battery
  • ✔️Applicability anywhere
  • ✔️Comfortable & durable
  • ✔️Robust and high quality
  • ✔️Brilliant Feature
  • ✔️Well Structure
  • ✔️Comfortable to wear
  • ✔️Intelligent Control
  • ✔️Safe & Non-Invasive
  • ✔️Durable and lightweight
  • ✔️3-In-1 Multifunction