Wireless Endoscope

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Remove every bit of blockage from your ears with the assistance of our handy Wireless Endoscope. Attached to the ear wax cleaner is an HD camera that gives you clear visuals of your ear canals while you clean them.


Wide compatibility: Suitable for most devices,iPhone / iPad / Android Phones / Tablets.

6 LED lights: Automatic adjustment of exposure lights. Easy to access anywhere you can't touch and see.

1080P HD Ear Camera: Provide 1080P HD images and videos, clearly see the ear canal and easily remove earwax with our wireless ear otoscope.

Multifunctional: It can be used for Ear Cleaning、Oral Checkups、Nose Observation、Scalp Observation、Pore Observation etc.

IP67 waterproof: Please disinfect the ear spoon with medical alcohol before and after use (Note: Only the ear spoon, the body is not waterproof)

  • Endurance: 60 minutes
  • Battery: 130mAh/300mAh lithium battery
  • Charging: 60 minutes
  • Input current: DC 5V 200mA
  • Camera diameter: OD 3.5mm
  • Pixel: 800W
  • Best focal length: 1.5CM-2.0cm
  • Light source: built-in 6 high bright LED lights
  • Color: blue/purple
Note: The first time you receive the product, you need to charge for about fifteen minutes, in normal use

Easy to Set Up:

1. Download“RealScope" App and Install
2. Turn on the Otoscope
3. Connect the Wifi "Ear-WiFi-xxxx"or“hy-xxxx”
4. Star the App and enjoy to use it

  • Please read the manual carefully before use, need to visualize the function need to download software.
  • Android users: When you use it for the first time, if you get a pop-up like "You will not be able to access the Internet with this network, do you want to keep the link?" dialog box, click "Yes", otherwise the APP cannot be used.
  • Iphone users: When you first use it, if the dialog box like "Allow Realscope to use no data" pops up, select "Wireless LAN or cellular mobile data network", otherwise the APP can't be used.
Package Included:

1 * WiFi Otoscope
2 * Earpick Tips
1 * Charging Cable
1 * User Manual