Women's 9 heated vest zones electric heated jacket

Women's 9 heated vest zones electric heated jacket

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Our women's 9 heated vest zones electrically heated jacket is durable far infrared carbon fibre that keeps you warm and comfy for a long period. Not only as a warm vest but also as stylish outwear, with the newest carbon fibre and high-quality TPU heating sheet, it will start heating swiftly in 30-60 seconds when switched on, warming up the entire body instantaneously. The quilted, lightweight construction and quality internal lining provide limitless comfort and cosiness in the fall and winter.

Built-in with quality carbon fibre heat elements and three heating levels (131°F, 122°F, and 113°F) to generate consistent heat for 9 core body parts, including your neck, back, abdomen, and waist, assisting in the maintenance of body warmth, the promotion of blood circulation, and the relief of pain and muscle tension. With a zipper on the front, you can layer this unisex USB heated vest over a variety of clothing for a polished look.

To keep warmth in and withstand the outdoors, it is fueled by a portable charger with a 2A or 2.4A USB output. When connected to a 10000mAh battery pack (not included), this polished heated vest can keep you toasty for up to 7 hours on Low, 5 hours on Medium, and 3 hours on High. The slim fit is ideal for wearing underneath your winter jacket.

Please hand wash the heated vest or place it in a mesh laundry bag for machine washing to preserve its quality and extend its service life. Before the next usage, air dry the heated vest in a cool, well-ventilated area. The heated vest should not be bleached, ironed, or dry-cleaned. The sleek and fitted design is lightweight and insulated, allowing you to wear it in a variety of ways with freedom of movement; water and wind-resistant.

Perfect for a girlfriend, best friend, lady, coworker, employee, teacher, BFF, bestie, cousin, neighbour, sister, sister-in-law, wife, mom, or aunt for Christmas, birthday, Valentine's, or Mother's Day. The fleece heated vest for ladies certified carbon fibre heating components with 9 heating regions and 3 temperature levels will keep your body and hands warm. This carefully designed women's heated vest present will make that special lady in your life feel appreciated and adored.

  • ✔️Perfect Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • ✔️Unique Gift for Women
  • ✔️3 Temperature Control
  • ✔️Rapid Warming
  • ✔️Comfortable Lightweight
  • ✔️9 Heated Zones
  • ✔️Effortless Maintenance
  • ✔️Lightweight Design
  • ✔️USB-Powered for Lasting Heat
  • ✔️Keep Your Body Toasty