Women's Mid-Calf Waterproof Winter Boots

Women's Mid-Calf Waterproof Winter Boots

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Women's Mid-Calf Waterproof Winter Boots. Check The Details To Know More

Our women's mid-calf waterproof winter boots are high-quality PU leather that contributes to water resistance, wind resistance, and chemical resistance. Keep your feet toasty in the winter and reduce odor. Blocking rain or snow and being easy to clean with a cloth ensures all-day dryness and comfort.

They have a warm wool lining design that will keep your feet warm in the cold winter without sacrificing elegance. Excellent PU leather shoes that are both wear and weather-resistant as well as quite comfy. A long-lasting rubber outsole provides a non-slip, enjoyable walking experience.

Because of our high damping and arch support outsole, you may walk for several hours without feeling weary legs. Apply pressure evenly. Balance and assistance should be provided. Reduce or eliminate pain. Lay a solid foundation.

When compared to lace-up boots, the key has a handy zipper design that may save you a lot of time. Women's boots with a mid-calf length, a round toe, and a knitted upper, are perfect for winter, fall, and spring. An excellent way to keep your feet toasty in both cool and cold conditions.


People with broad calves do not need to be concerned about their leg circumference. These boots will be a fantastic fit for you. These boots can make you appear hotter if you have slim calves. The bootie has a lace-up front and a side zipper for simple on-and-off wear and to add ornamentation.

  • ✔️Zipper closure
  • ✔️Suit all calf type
  • ✔️Easy to take on & off
  • ✔️Damping & arch support
  • ✔️Super 360° warm
  • ✔️High quality & waterproof leather
  • ✔️Comfortable & long-lasting
Size in Inches Heel to Toe
35 8.86
36 9.06
37 9.25
38 9.45
39 9.65
40 9.84
41 10.04
42 10.24
43 10.43
44 10.63
45 10.83
46 11.02


Size in CM Heel to Toe
35 22.5
36 23
37 23.5
38 24
39 24.5
40 25
41 25.5
42 26
43 26.5
44 27
45 27.5
46 28